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The SUBQ filter based pre-amp is a powerful tone shaping tool and an ultimate bi-amping engine, that features an independent Level, a Frequency and a Resonance peak controls for both High-Pass and Low-Pass filters.

How exactly does SUBQ work?

Basically SUBQ divides the signal on both High-pass and Low-pass paths and routes it in three different (independent) outputs. This way you can simultaneously use low frequency and high frequency outputs, and even apply the mix of them both via the "output" jack, which can be bypassed. You can actually use the pedal as a pure crossover as well as a filter based pre-amp or as a standalone High-Pass/Low-Pass filter all depending on your needs.

High-Pass and Low-Pass frequency knobs adjust the frequency at which the signal is rolled off, while “Resonance” knobs obtain variable sharp boost precisely at the cutoff frequency. The cool thing about this "Resonance" is that it can help replicate the natural resonance and the individual character of different pickup designs, so it sounds very natural/organic providing to the SUBQ its unique tone.


LO-LEVEL - controls Low-Pass filter overall volume level. From +20dB to - infinity (with the SATURATION knob set to “0”)

LO-FREQ – Determines the Low-Pass cut off frequency. Adjustment range is 70Hz to 5kHz.

LO-SATURATION – Set the boost at the Low-Pass cut off frequency.

HI-LEVEL - controls High-Pass filter overall volume level. From +20dB to - infinity (with the SATURATION knob set to “0”)

HI-FREQ – Determines the High-Pass cut off frequency. Adjustment range is 200Hz to 5kHz.

HI-SATURATION – Set the boost at the High-Pass cut off frequency.


Various amounts of Boost or Cut at selected Frequency


  • Bypass : (Buffered)
  • Input Impedance : 1M
  • Preamp-Output Impedance : 10k
  • Low-Output Impedance : 10k
  • High-Output Impedance : 10k
  • HI-LEVEL : +20dB
  • HI-FREQ : 200Hz – 5kHz
  • HI-SATURATION : up to 10dB boost
  • LO-LEVEL : +20dB
  • LO-FREQ : 70Hz – 5kHz
  • LO-SATURATION : up to 10dB boost
  • Maximum Level : 4,5 V RMS
  • Current Draw : 70mA
  • Dimensions (L W H) : 120 X 110 X 55 mm
  • Weight : 370gr

Power Supply : Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug, 2,1mm Barrel Connector. "Daisy Chain", unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit. No Battery.

What's good about SUBQ?

- Biamping as a pure crossover, if you have two different amps, or complexe 3-way pedal board loops

- Fiter-based pre-amp with independent controls for boosting frequency, level and resonance (perfect for Bass Guitar)

- Standalone filtering with High-Pass/Low-Pass in your chain of effects.

- you will never regret having SUBQ on your board =)

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